Hemgie’s burgers, do it like I want it.

If you follow the blog for a while, you know that the hamburger is not limited to us with meat and cheese between two slices of bread. After Rachel and Cool Bun it is Hemgie’s turn to be involved in my quest for the divine burger (yes, divine if any) .

The place is located among the addresses from the center of the capital often deemed as ‘ tourist traps ‘ . Don’t see anything derogatory but you know very well what I mean , and each city has to have a corner like that. Intruder in the lot, Hemgie’s will fit to the purists and the curious . Its Mona Lisa smile tempted me ( homemade bread, beef prepared in the Sicilian way, mozzarella di buffala , pesto, balsamic cream , dried tomato) but I mealted for the coquette Miss Daisy (homemade bread , beef, camembert, onion chutney and shitake , truffle mayonnaise , salad) . The Hemgie’s burger also has nothing to displease us with his homemade bread, beef , old Bruges, crispy bacon Colonata, donut onion ,tomato, pickle, ketchup) .

In terms of decoration , these are shades of gray and lounge atmosphere that are appropriate. One likes or dislikes. Besides, it’s clean, it’s good and pretty fast . The kitchen is open and the ventilation system quite performant judging the smell of my clothes at outlet: nothing but my perfume! The address is attractive and has his followers , so think to book .

The ‘more’ that makes the difference :

  •     burger served with fries or salad
  •     possible adaptation of your dish if Madame is pregnant : it was the case of my neighbor diners , I could not help but notice this attention

The ‘ less ‘ :

  •     as mentioned, the kitchen is open and if like me you’re installed near it, the sound and light show ( neon won’t ever have my favors) which is playing in there might seem a little bit ‘ aggressive ‘

rue des Dominicains, 12
1000 Bruxelles


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