Delights of Lebanon

Let’s go to O Liban
We meet a lot of people
We eat Lebanon delights
And all this for  25 euros (discovery menu)

I’ve heard a lot about this place. O Liban,  snack / deli and restaurant  but never have been really excited . Shame on me.

One Saturday evening in April , a furious desire to eat lebanese seizes me . This snack / caterer is also a restaurant , so why not . I was inspired ! It is hardly 7pm as the ground floor is already full . As we reach the first floor, it will soon fill up too. The menu is mouthwatering and if like me you have not taken lebanese second language in high school, do not panic the team at the helm has thought of the translation .

What to choose? Efficiency mode switched on , I choose the menu ( minimum 2 persons ) 25 € per personne beverages not included . Six dishes then landed on our table. And this represents only cold starters . Follow the hot starters, grilled meats and dessert (warning, caloric bomb on the horizon ) .

Another ‘ bomb ‘ is present on Friday and Saturday evening: the belly dancer accompanied by tabla ( drum) player . Turn it up , push the tables and answer to her call , super atmosphere . With her ​​smile and lame , hard to resist.

We went there a few days there , and for sure we will return again .

The ‘more’ that makes the difference :

  • when a place is both a snack / deli and a restaurant it is better to have enough space . This is the case
  • do not worry about not finishing your meal , you can ask it to take away

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O Liban
chaussée de Vleurgat, 342
1050 Bruxelles

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  1. Mrs H

    I’ve lived in Brussels for 7years and O Liban is absolutely our fave middle eastern restaurant in the city!

    1. Hello Mrs. H!
      Glad to read your comment 🙂 I didn’t try a lot of middle eastern restaurant but as far I believe you without any doubt. What other middle eastern restaurant have you tried?

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