King Kong | peruvian fast food way to eat

We go to King Kong
We do eat a peruvian fast-food 2.0 
For +/- 10 € 

Opened for only a week ago in Brussels, King Kong is already making the buzz. Its juggle-fresh design and its great cook will surprise you/ Find out what fit you more between barbecue chicken, hot (chicharron) and cold (roasted ham) sandwiches. Those are just a small part of what kind of meals you can choose in this neo fast food, quality as an upgrade. Add some fried yucca (manioc) and a pisco sour, you’re now reading to experience the King Kong adventure. At last, here’s something to shine in society: King Kong is also the name of a peruvian dessert.

The ‘more’ that makes a difference:

  • a stunning back terrace
  • a lunch for 11,95 € w/a quarter chicken, salad, oven potatoes, compote and a soft drink
  • open on sunday from noon to 03pm

King Kong
chaussée de Charleroi 227
1060 Bruxelles 02/537.01.96

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Lumière en terrasse arrière ©Kimbylicieux
Chicharron, pommes au four et yucca frits ©Kimbylicieux


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0 Thoughts to “King Kong | peruvian fast food way to eat”

  1. Thomas G.

    Just discover your blog by chance . I didn’t read all your posts but I can say I like the style of those I’ve read. As I don’t have a facebook account anymore (and I ‘m perfectly well that way!) I won’t be able to be another follower (sorry) but my job as a communication consultant knows that a good blog is not a matter of ‘likes’. Keep on making us discover cool places!
    About mister King Kong I’m not living nor working in that part of Brussels it might be hard for me to taste what we call peruvian fast food but someday, who knows?

    1. Hello dear Thomas,

      waou, thank you so much for your comment. I totally agree with you…but I must say that your comment + the 107 likes for my King Kong french post made my day 🙂
      I’ll keep on posting about great places first of all because I like that. Let’s hope it will please followers and random readers out there like you.

      Once again thank you! ( and feel free to share yourbest spots ^^ )

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