Knees to chin | so you think you can (rice paper) roll?

We go to Knees to chin
We do eat  fresh rice paper rolls
For 3.80 € each

« Who run the world? Girls! » Three wonder women are behind Knees to chin ‘s story. The spot itselfs isn’t that big and will grab you to stay thanks to its intimistic style.

On your plate, don’t try to resist to one of the 6 fresh rice paper rolls  proposed. Low in gluten, lactose free and daily fresh, add some rice or coleslaw as a side to your rolls. Bright on your tongue, light on your stomach, the address is equally suitable for a quick snack on-the-go as for a light dinner.

The revisited spring roll ,what as imple idea and Kness to chin did it… so what are you waiting for to taste it!

The ‘more’ making a difference:

  • 2 kinds of lunch
  • selection of sauces on table (avocado sesame, peanut,…)

Knees to chin
rue de Livourne 125
1000 Bruxelles


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