Forcado brings you to Portugal

We go to  Forcado
We do eat portuguese pastries
For about less than 2.00 €/each

No bullfighting here*. Forcado is the name of a Portuguese pastry shop located in St-Gilles.

The very first aficionados have experienced the quite tiny space of the Chaussée de Charleroi. The Forcado is not that small anymore  as the shop has been renovated. Still located on the Chaussée de Charleroi, few numbers away from its original location, the pastry shop  is now also a tasting room. The space is large and we easily figure the bridge between tradition and modernity. Between pastéis of the country and refined furniture.




Like a kid in a candy store, my eyes go from one to another pastry. Its name could be the one of a work of art, Pastel de nata is my introduction to the delights of Portugal. Why should we interrupt our discovery when we can also drink a Sumol, soft drink from the same country. We extend this moment we would like to freeze by ordering some other partries to take away.


I can not transcribe the names of all the pastries but their  flavor is there. Just to make sure, I will return to remember them and for my very own pleasure. 

The ‘more’ that makes the difference: 

  • all the products in the store except tea, come from Portugal 
  • a family brand, ready to answer to your questions and to talk about their product with a smile 

chaussée de Charleroi 196-198
1060 Bruxelles

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*forcado is a term related to the practice of tourada (race or Portuguese bullfight). The forcados are eight and are intended to immobilize the bull

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  1. Amy

    I’ve been there and I really did like it. Want to try Garcia pastry too now!

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