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Oh London. The first time we met it was love at first sight. I was a teen and I knew it was the beginning of a true love story. The rhythm of The City is so charming that you can’t help it but just loose yourself.
Time to be honest: are you the kind to bring your favorite magazine to « spend the time » while being in the loo? We all are! Our Londonian contributor « Sweet Florence »  is back with a new cool place to replace your magazine by a  caffeine shot. Follow the guide!

Having hard time to find it? Right, this hidden gem is located in an old underground victorian toilet (read it again if you want to, but yes, a toilet)! The once gent’s public toilet was nicely converted into an interesting coffee shop. Also a great alternative dining experience, with friendly baristi who will chef you up some real tasty sandwiches and delicious coffee! Well if you are in the LOO-k for a caffeine kick, think of using the bathroom.

©Florence D. for Kimbylicieux
©Florence D. for Kimbylicieux
©Florence D. for Kimbylicieux
©Florence D. for Kimbylicieux


Plus: If you don’t want to go down, just press the buzzer for a street service and someone will take your order

©Florence D. for Kimbylicieux
©Florence D. for Kimbylicieux


Attendant  website
Downstairs, 27A Foley Street
London W1W 6DY

Florence D.

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About the contributor:

Florence D. was born and raised in Brussels. After successfull Advertising studies in St-Luc, she purchased her dreams in Los Angeles, New York and finally London where she is now living and working for Sotheby’s Auction House. For Kimbylicieux followers she is sharing her arty eye to bring you into the coolest places to eat and drink in The City.

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  1. Céline B

    Salut Kimbylicieux! Vraiment très sympa le blog. Je penserai y faire un tour quand j’y serai en septembre!!

    1. Kimbylicieux

      Bonjour Céline, merci beaucoup! Sympa comme concept n’ est-ce pas? Enfin, faut être un peu curieux 🙂 À bientôt sur le blog!

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