La Piola | Life is too short to drink and eat badly

We go to La Piola
We met reveller foodies
We do eat italian (pasta most of all)
For about  15 euros

I have to confess something: I’v never been in Italy. How to explain this odd, this flaw, while Italian dishes are unavoidable must eat. Meanwhile (not too much) to fill the breach, it is Italy who comes to me – and I hope to you too. Your Italian is limited to ti amoAperol Spritz? Add now the word piola (wine bar tavern).

La Piola is a very nice restaurant and wine bar located a stone’s throw from the Place du Chatelain. The blackboard at the entrance warns us, « life is too short to drink bad wine. » We have been warned and could not agree more.


The space itself is not very big and the settingr a bit messy  gives the impression of being desired and totally under control. Properly installed, let the team explain you the menu – restricted but attractive. 

Wine and pasta lovers will be eager to add this restaurant to their address book! 


The good plan: each day up to 8pm, we revise our equations.  1 glass ordered= 1 antipasti platter offered. The drink is sacred. 

The top tip: remember to book! The place is almost always packed. 


La Piola
rue du Page 2
1050 Bruxelles

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