Long weekend and 3 free visits // how beautiful that is?

There’s nothing to say , we are more than lucky when it goes about (bank) holidays in Belgium! If like me you’ll be off for the four upcoming days (a real proper weekend, say it loud!) you’ll have the time – I hope you do – to treat yourself . After a well-deserved sleep , the world will be ready to offer you your daily dose of knowledge and curiosities . Focus on 3 FREE visits to do:

Is contemporary art only artistic by its name? Find it out at the iselp through Belgian artist Patrick Guns‘s installation , « No to contemporary art . » Discover the artist here .
And after that? Have a drink at iselp coffee or tea time with Lovisa at The Hotel


BOZAR and the Monography Series Award praise another Belgian , Titus Simoens . Immersion in the daily life of a strict kung-fu school in the province of Hunan. Striking results . Discover the artist here .
And after that? A real hot chocolate at Laurent Gerbaud just in front of BOZAR

Bargains specialists and rare object hunters know the they will find their happiness at Puces d’Hiver (Winter Flea). They are back this Sunday so save the date!
And after that? Walk around the flavors market – food truck and company


Have you been there ? Tell me! Any other great ideas ? Share them ! And why not, come and join us on facebook. In other words, stay together 🙂

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