Chana // veggie snack (for real)

Do you have any magical words? (what the * is she now talking about)
Wait a minute. When I’m a bit down, I got my magical words – those that make me smile again after some incantations… Alright, I’ll share them with you: ukulele and poppy. For some there is nothing like a good shopping session , for others a TV shows marathon . For me, it’s my magical words. And it never fails (try ! ukuléléukuléléukulélé ) .  Is this the  « L » effect or something , I do not know.

I would also add falafel . I like the word but not the food. Not at all. Dry , tasteless , no interest . But that was before Chana .

To be clear, Chana is not a restaurant. The menu, if one may say , is a bit expensive and appeal to the undecided one amongst us as the choice is not varied. And the interior design simply nonexistent unless it goes in the less is more poor movement . But then why should we go there?

Because it’s good | the eternal struggle  quality vs.quantity. You won’t have no other choice than few formulas of falafel pitas  and pakoras ( vegetable fritters ) but the pita bread is ​​fresh daily baked and ingredients are mostly all bios . Since 2013 Chana honors on-the-go meal and prove that snack is not necessarily synonymous with questionable hygiene and frozen products.

Because  we all have at least a veggie friend | you ‘ll be happy to bring him/her to this spot, a glass of fresh fruit juice or of lassi ( slightly salty yogurt drink ) in your hand

« Um, can you repeat please? « 
Chana falafel and pakora , a healthy snack to satisfy a little hungry in the heart of Saint- Gilles What do you think ?

You ‘ve been there ? Tell me! And why not joining us on facebook. Let’s stay together 🙂

Parvis de Saint-Gilles, 24
1060 Bruxelles

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