Opération chaussettes 2014

Monday. Here you are again. Argf…
Ok vending machine. You really want to play this? Keeping my money and my chips?!
Which part of  « no » don’t you understand?

Yes, we all know that kind of situation that just pisses you off. But a deep breath later (and maybe a piece of chocolate) we realize how ridiculous they are compare to unemployement, financial crises, not having those wonderful Louboutin shoes, health issues,poverty… we know that perfectly – we are just human.

But it won’t be an excuse to forget the date of Novembre 30th. Save the date for another edition of Opération Chaussettes from 11am to 03 pm at Place Poelaert (in front of Justice Palace). Born in 2011 due to Claudia Lomma’s impulsion, the Operation is coming for its third year – almost unfortunately if we dare to say. Instead of selling the clothes you didn’t wear for a while, give them a second life and offer them to the Operation for those in need. Socks, underwear, sweatshirt, antiseptic spray,…once again your help will be precious and can make a difference.

Share the info, be a part of it and THANK YOU in advance!





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