How I met a (cereal) killer

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Ever heard about « Shoreditchification » (what the…?). Yes, I still have fun imaginating new words and dances moves for « my off Broadway musical soon on stage but-only-in-my-dreams » (inhale-exhale-repeat). But this one isn’t mine.

Seriously for those who never (for now) had the chance to discover how wonderful London is, you may – or not – have heard about Shoreditch. This londonian neighbourhood is actually in the very heart of a gentrification debate. Intense standpoints, with arguments that each and everyone of us will judge more or less valid, have ignited the web. Two of them catched my attention, those of Alex Proud  and  Edward Adoo.  Feel free to read and of course to share your point of view!

Pro or con, let’s see for now the newest guest post of Florence, our dearest London Eye. She met a serial cereal killer in Shoreditch!


Feeling a bit nostalgic about your childhood, watching tv early morning with a bowl of your fav’ cereals?

We have found the best spot for you! Head down to Brick Lane, The Cereal killer cafe is a amazing hub where you can choose from various cereals from around the world.

Select yours, add your type of milk and topping…and whoop enjoy it in this quirky and original cereals decor!

Be safe: it won’t kill you, just kick your sugar level for the day 😊

 « Ahem, can you repeat please? »
Cereals for real at Cereal Killer cafe!


Have you been there ? Tell me! And why not joining us on facebook. Well let’s stay together 🙂

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About the contributor:

Florence D. was born and raised in Brussels. After successfull Advertising studies in St-Luc, she purchased her dreams in Los Angeles, New York and finally London where she is now living and working for Sotheby’s Auction House. For the blog she is sharing her arty eye to bring you into the coolest places to eat and drink in The City.

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