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As a blogger, I still don’t understand what will make a reader comment an article or a publication. Some topics seem more attractive than others, and considering your audience, you may have a small idea of what will interest it. But to be honest, I’ve stopped searching for an explanation. If you want to comment something, sharing what kind of feeling it created in your mind – good or not that good –  be aware than you will always be more than welcome. And if you don’t, I’ll take it…

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Tapa Bucho

Kimbylicieux - Tapa Bucho

(scroll down for english version) Nós vivemos a noite. À Lisbonne, ne commettez pas l’erreur de sortir pour aller boire un verre. Sortez pour vivre la nuit lisboète, faire l’expérience de la ville à la lumière du soir et de son activité ardente. Le quartier Bairro Alto symbolise bien cet état d’esprit avec ses innombrables bars, maison de fado et restaurants. C’est d’ailleurs au Bairro Alto, dans sa partie la plus calme, que j’ai découvert Tapa Bucho.

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Tranches de cake

Discovering new food spots is quite like a treasure hunt game. We never really know what we are about to find out, we wander around unknown neighborhoods. I absolutely love that, then when a follower asked me if I was in the mood for a bagel in Uccle I was immediately curious to know what kind of treasure it will be today.

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